Patch to fix Overcooked issues on Nintendo Switch

The game just launched on the platform offering great fun but also a few headaches.

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We didn't have much issue when playing Overcooked live for two hours the other day to celebrate Nintendo Switch's Special Edition launch. However, some users are reporting several bugs and performance drops and the team already has a fix in the oven.

Most of the complaints have to do with framerate. Looks like the cooking multiplayer struggles to get even to 30 fixed fps (it supposedly runs at 1080p30 when docked, 720p30 when hand-held), something that annoys given its hectic style and the high demand for accuracy. Again, we didn't spot any serious drops, but others have clearly found them in the busiest levels (more players on screen or stage-changing events).

What we did find though here at Gamereactor when playing Overcooked on Switch is several controller synchronisation problems. Lost pairing, order and config changes not taken into account, and a few other errors. Some players are also requesting d-pad control for better precision, but sounds like it would require a great deal of work, as the game mechanic seems built on analogue sticks characteristics, for better and worse.

The deeloper has confirmed that they're already working on an update patch for Overcooked on Switch, and it's expected to launch soon, but there's no fixed date nor further details. Gamereactor has asked publisher Team 17 for more info.


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