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Cities: Skylines

Paradox publisher sale is now live on Steam

Those looking to grab a copy of the many games under the wing of Paradox Interactive can now grab those at a steep discount.

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If you are a big fan of strategy/sim games and maybe even Paradox Interactive's titles, then we have great news for you. A promotion is currently underway on Steam for many games included in the publisher's catalogue, with offers of up to 80% off.

For example, you can buy Cities: Skylines for only € 6.99 (instead of € 27.99), Age of Wonders: Planetfall for € 24.99 (instead of 49.99), Hearts of Iron IV for 9.99 € (instead of € 39.99) and many others. To find out which games are in promotion, you can take a look at this link.

Speaking of Paradox, we recommend reading our Crusader Kings III's preview, whose official launch is expected on September 1 on PC.

Cities: Skylines

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