Owlboy will see release this fall after almost a decade

Indie title has been in development since 2007, but D-Pad Studio finally see the finish line.

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D-Pad Studio has released a new trailer for the constantly pushed back indie platformer Owlboy, but they've also confirmed that the game that first began its development in 2007 will see release this fall on PC and other yet to be revealed platforms (PS4? Xbox One?).

In fact, they will announce a firm release date once PAX West opens its doors on September 2nd, and there is now a Steam page for the game.

Of course, D-Pad Studio haven't been lazy while developing the game, but other projects have sprung up like Savant Ascent, and Owlboy has also changed over time. Anyway, we'd almost forgotten about it and are now quite excited to finally be able to play the finished game later this year.


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