Owlboy vinyl soundtrack and Boguin plush coming soon

Merchandise for the hardcore Owlboy fans.

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Two pieces of merchandise related to D-Pad studio's Owlboy have been unveiled, and both are sure to please fans of the game, as one is a vinyl of the soundtrack, and the other is a Boguin plush toy, both available via iam8bit.

A press release from iam8bit confirmed that the website had been secretly working with D-Pad Studio on the products, and to start off with the vinyl, this will cost $35 USD (around £28.06) and will include two LPs on Cloud Sky vinyle, include album art by Nicole Gustafsson, and come with a digital download too.

The Boguin Plush costs the same, and is 13" tall, "super soft & cuddly," and comes with a backpack for carrying "stuff"... whatever that may be. You can find both products on iam8bit, and can pre-order them for a shipment in Q2 this year. Oh, and there's pictures below for you to savour. Which is the better item for Owlboy fans though?


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