Owlboy arrives on PS4 and Xbox One next week

After a short delay, D-pad Studio's game will see release on current gen consoles.

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After having won us over hearts on PC at the end of 2016, D-Pad Studio announced that their wonderful platform game Owlboy would arrive on consoles shortly. The launch was scheduled for February on all three platforms (PS4, Xbox One and Switch), but unfortunately, the game was only released for the Switch during February.

After an extended wait (but what's a couple of months compared to Owlboy's decade-long development?), the game finally has a firm launch date for PS4 and Xbox One, where it will land in digitally on April 10th. Owlboy is already available in digital format on PC and Switch, while the retail edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will arrive on May 29th. We really enjoyed Owlboy, as you can read in our review of the PC version.


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REVIEW. Written by Jon Calvin

"Some modernised 2D platformers add nothing to the genre they seek to revitalise, Owlboy doesn't suffer from this fallacy."

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