Overwatch prize money surpasses $1 million US dollar mark

APAC Premier's prize money pushed it over the line.

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Recent statistics have shown that Overwatch has surpassed the $1 million US dollar mark for prize money awarded, with the $192,000 awarded at APAC Premier pushing it over this line.

APAC Premier was the last of three big events for Overwatch, the others being the ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown ($100,000 awarded) and the Overwatch Open ($300,000 awarded). Overwatch Apex is currently under way in Korea as well, which will have a $178,000 prize pool.

Overall, the total prize money for Overwatch stands at $1,124,808.10 from 146 Tournaments, not bad considering the game was released just five months ago. Do you think it will continue to have this level of success?


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