Overcooked is the latest free title on Epic Games Store

Ghost Town Games' intense couch co-op title Overcooked is the latest game to hit the free lineup on Epic Games Store.

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Every week, gamers can expect to get at least one free game via Epic Games Store, we all know this by now, so what does Epic have in store for us this week?

It turns out that the notoriously intense cooking game, Overcooked, is the latest free title on Epic Games Store. Developed by Ghost Town Games, Overcooked soon became famous because of its hectic and punishing gameplay. Players have to control multiple chefs, and you "must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders before the buying customers storm out in a huff". If you can't coordinate, things can get ugly really fast.

You can either play this game solo or with up to 3 friends. Get Overcooked via this link, the deal ends on June 11.


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