Payday 3
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Other gangsters might deceive you in Payday 3

Release is planned for 2023.

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Earlier this year, Starbreeze and Koch Media joined forces, so that the dev team can fully commit themselves to the production of Payday 3. While the co-op action is still "years away" (the actual release is planned for 2023 at the earliest) we got some more insight into the backstory of the next Payday chapter during a presentation we attended recently.

Many of you will be familiar with the bank heist game, but here's a quick summary for the rest of us: We're part of a crew of extremely talented gangsters and they only accept the most dangerous jobs to fill their pockets. Many successful missions have given our team a dubious reputation even within the underworld. Other gangsters are jealous of our achievements and some of them are even looking for opportunities to get us out of the way (stealing our money, no less). In Payday 3 we have to prove ourselves to show everyone, that it's better not to mess with our crew.

Payday 3

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