Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Optic Gaming lost to Complexity on day one of CoD Champs

Hardfought game was decided by Search and Destroy.

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One of the favourites, if not the biggest favourite, at the CoD XP World League Championship, Optic Gaming, were upset by the number two seeds in their pool, Complexity Gaming, who won the first match for both teams 3-2.

While the deciding round was played on Breach in Search and Destroy, a mode Complexity are known to be very good at, perhaps then the truly deciding round was on Evac in Uplink where Complexity took it 11 points to 7.

There is, of course, plenty left to play for as Optic Gaming still have Pride Gaming and Team-LDLC left to play in Group H with the top two teams qualifying. But coming in second could potentially lead to facing stronger competition as the elimination phase begins. Whether or not Optic Gaming will rebound from this early setback is just one of the many storylines you can follow as CoD XP heats up in Los Angeles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
MLG / Activision

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