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Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne hits Switch today, Vlambeer reveals new game

Vlambeer Arcade also announced, with first bite-sized entry - Ultrabugs - landing later this year.

Vlambeer is bringing a handful of games to Nintendo Switch, with the excellent Super Crate Box among their number, and excitingly for anyone who's played it before, it'll come packing a Switch-exclusive multiplayer mode. It's coming this April.

Then there's the small matter of top-notch top-down roguelike shooter, Nuclear Throne, which lands on Nintendo's hybrid console today. Hurrah for insta-launches!

Finally, the studio unveiled a new game, Vlambeer Arcade, a collection of mini-games that will grow over time. Ultrabugs will the first game to arrive as part of the collection, and it's landing later this year.

Nuclear Throne

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