Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne has been released

Out of Early Access on PC and on PS4/PS Vita.

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Vlambeer's lovely roguelike-like shooter, Nuclear Throne, is out now and available to buy on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

The mutant-filled shooter had been in Early Access on Steam for a while, during which time the iterative process was made public with regular livestreams showing warts and all game development.

The launch on Sony's consoles coincides with the game's release on PC, with the final version of the game now available on Steam.

You can read our previewof the game to find out a bit more about it, although that write-up is a little old now. With that in mind expect our review to land sometime in the near future.

Nuclear ThroneNuclear ThroneNuclear ThroneNuclear Throne

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