Metro: Last Light

Not one, but two games are free to grab on EGS this week!

Other than For The King, there's one more nice surprise.

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As we reported last week, Epic Games Store is offering For The King as this week's giveaway: it is a strategy roguelike with procedural maps, quests, events, and turn-based combat. However, it seems that Epic is feeling extra generous, as there's actually another surprise waiting for us in store.

Metro: Last Light Redux is a real bonus that no one saw it coming. As the definitive version of Metro 2033's sequel, players can expect an epic survival adventure with exploration elements, tactical combat and some stealth actions included.

Both games are free to claim, until February 12.

Also, Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander has been revealed as next week's free game.

Metro: Last Light

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