Destiny 2

No Guardians have been lost by our systems says Bungie

Addressing the recent reports of Guardians being deleted, the developer has snapped back.

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There has been a bit of a scare in the Destiny 2 world over the last few days, as various fans have been reporting and claiming that they have logged into the game and discovered that one of their Guardian saves has been deleted. Needless to say, this has caused a bit of a panic, as fans don't want to lose characters that have tens, hundreds, thousands of hours of playtime attached.

Bungie has since spoken up and stated that there hasn't been any lost Guardian saves by its system, and that it is confident about this.

"Maintaining your characters and progress is our top priority.

"After kicking off a deep dive investigation of a very low number of reports of missing characters out of an abundance of caution, we are confident that no characters or progress were incorrectly lost by our systems."

Essentially, if you were one of the worried folk, know that there isn't any danger and that these reports were likely attributed to something else, unrelated to the Destiny 2 client.

Destiny 2

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