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Splatoon 3

Nintendo unveils the Mincemeat Metalworks map for Splatoon 3

The new map will be available in the upcoming threequel.

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We're around two months away from Splatoon 3 landing on the Nintendo Switch and with that being the case, we're hearing more and more about the anticipated threequel. The latest development comes in the form of a reveal of a new multiplayer stage, which just so happens to be called Mincemeat Metalworks.

As revealed in a tweet, we're told that this map takes place in a facility, which uses scrap metal to make more scrap metal. It's also said that there used to be a large sea near the facility, but that it evaporated, likely as a product of the heavy industry surrounding the area.

Splatoon 3 will land on Nintendo Switch on September 9.

Splatoon 3

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