Nintendo to add three more women to its board of directors

Shareholders will participate in a vote next month to integrate Miyoko Demay (former president of Tiffany & Co. in Japan), Eiko Osawa and Keiko Akashi.

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According to Nintendo's recent annual report, the Kyoto-based company is about to incorporate three women to its management team in highly relevant positions. Among them is Miyoko Demay, former president of Tiffany & Co. in Japan. Eiko Osawa and Keiko Akashi, two individuals with long histories in accounting and taxation, will also have seats on the board. Demay is proposed to take on the role of outside director, while the other nominees will sit on the audit and supervisory committee of the company's board. These proposals will be put to a vote of all shareholders in mid-June.

The document also shows that the first time a woman took on a role of such calibre at the company was in 2020, when Asa Shinkawa was voted in. At that time, the Japanese were celebrating 130 years of history and, until now, no other female leadership figure had been nominated.

On the other hand, last year Axios reported that 4.2% of Nintendo managers in Japanese headquarters are women. Similarly, this figure has not been rising since 2021, shortly after they added women to their top ranks. To make matters worse, the average female office worker receives 72% of the salary earned by men. However, the Japanese manufacturer points at seniority as the main reason for that, saying that the majority of veterans are men and therefore receive a higher salary.

Given these female candidates and the clear interest in developing female characters in Nintendo's games and films, with Princess Peach: Showtime! becoming a million seller in just nine days, and also awaiting the reveal of Samus Aran's next adventure in Metroid Prime 4, it looks like Nintendo will continue to narrow the gender gap even further in the future.

Nintendo to add three more women to its board of directors

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