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Nintendo is calling out copyright infringement in Dreams

Media Molecule's PS4-exclusive lets players create whatever they want, and what they want would appear to be Mario.

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Dreams finally emerged from the slumber of early access last month, giving PS4 players the tools they need to create their own interactive experiences. Using these powerful tools, players are able to create to their heart's content, and naturally, many have been making games based on their favourite IPs. Including Mario.

Obviously that's an issue for Nintendo, a company that, historically speaking, has always been protective of its various IPs. As a result of this ongoing stance, the company has been in touch with Sony and MM in an effort to get games involving Nintendo characters removed from Dreams.

At least that's the case according to Piece_of_Craft, who writes that Nintendo's claim of copyright infringement has resulted in his Dreams creation being removed from the game and now no other users can download and play it for themselves. He also claims to have received an email where Nintendo is specifically mentioned as the claimant.

"We flew too close to the sun boys! A big video game company who i will keep nameless obviously didn't read my "be cool" note in dreams," Piece_of_Craft wrote before adding, "no worries though have a back up plan. But for now Mario projects in dreams are on hold until i put said plan into effect."

If you'd like to know more about Dreams, you can read our review, or watch the two livestream replays added below for a quick look at the creative tools included in the game.


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