Counter-Strike 2

Ninjas in Pyjamas makes massive changes to its Counter-Strike team

Various players have been benched, others released, leaving just two active players.

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Ninjas in Pyjamas is effectively pressing the reset button for its Counter-Strike 2 team. After reports of team cohesion issues and a slew of disappointing results, the Swedish organisation has decided that enough is enough and that a massive change is needed.

This is coming in the form of benching three of its members and releasing two more. This means that as of right now, NIP's active roster includes just two players, and its management is lacking an analyst to boot.

The changes have seen Daniel "djL" Narancic and analyst Thomas "haste" Dyrensborg dropped from the team, and Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke, Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, and Danyyl "headtr1ck" Valitov all benched, meaning the active line-up is only sporting Fredrik "REZ" Sterner and Alejandro "alex" Masanet now.

As per why this change has been made, NIP states, "At the start of the fall season we had assessed the team from multiple angles and identified team cohesion as by far the factor that most acutely needed addressing. This is a factor that fans by definition cannot observe, but one which everyone who's ever played a team sport will understand: call it vibes, if you will. When vibes are bad, everything else suffers — you lose control of the team and are left to pray that somebody pops off, game after game.

"No amount of pracs, physical training, mental work or nade lineups can make up for the ability to trust that your teammates are with you when you're down 10-2 and you're losing a pistol round, or that team leadership will have your back if you lose three more rounds. Our first batch of changes addressed this factor directly, and we saw instant improvements."

As per the future, NIP sounds off by adding, "A few months from now, a new squad of Ninjas will rise from the ashes, and the whole team is working with a clarity of purpose that infuses us with hope for the future."

Counter-Strike 2

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