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Intihar: Spider-Man will very much be an Insomniac game

Expect humour, vibrant colours, traversal, and gadgetry.


Spider-Man is one of the hottest games on show at E3 2018 and it will launch in September, which means that the production cycle is nearing its end. It's now time to learn even more about the game's structure and gameplay, and that's precisely what director Bryan Intihar talked about with Gamereactor.

"There's a level of pick up and play to it, since no one wants to struggle with feeling like a super-hero, so we wanted a level of accessibility and pick up and play to it. At the same time, as you start to understand momentum, fluidity, flow, and expression, even with parkour, adding that level of expression... we say he's been Spider-Man for a few years, so we wanted to express that in the traversal. It's that pick up and play nature that lets you feel like Spider-Man right away, but will feel like an even greater Spider-Man over time."

Players can also expect a vast New York City to explore, littered with secondary content and random encounters.

"Even in the demo we showed you, there's a lot of optional activities, whether it's bases with more combat heavy experiences, random crimes, quests... Actually, they are not in this demo, but we have missions given by NPCs, some driven by villains, some not. We also have the research stations, run by Harry Osborn, who is out of town and asks Peter to look after them.

"We also have different challenges, and a lot of them are themed around the Marvel Universe, like the Black Cat stakeouts. We made sure there's a lot of optional stuff, and as you complete these, you are earning crafting points that allow you to craft new suits, suits modifications, new gadgets, and upgrades to gadgets."

Bryan Intihar also made it clear that Spider-Man is above all else an Insomniac game, with all that entails.

"Sony and Marvel wanted to work with us for a reason, and we wanted players to understand this is an Insomniac game, whether that's the sense of humour, the vibrant colours, the traversal, and the gadgetry."

You can learn more details about the game by checking out our hands-on preview and then watching the full interview below. Spider-Man will launch on September 7, exclusively on PlayStation 4.