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The Amazing Spider-Man

New Spider-Man title open world

Beenox return to genre for movie tie-in.

While the developer has had some success in its more linear Spider-Man titles, Beenox revealed at this weekend's New York Comic Con that its returning to the open word stylings of previous titles for the movie tie-in.

That's the news coming from a Con panel (as reported by comic news site Newsarama), as the studio showed off a trailer of Spidey taking on a huge robotic enemy.

Open world has been the style of choice for Spider-Man developers in the past, allowing Spidey to swing around a New York filled with chase sequences and mini-missions, but is a change for Beenox, as both Shattered Dimensions and the recently released Edge of Time focused on smaller, self-contained levels and elaborate combat moves.

The Amazing Spider-Man

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