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Soul Calibur VI

New screenshots of Soul Calibur VI DLC character surface

First a trailer, now some sweet screenshots. Soul Calibur VI's Amy looks equally as good across both types of media.

Recently, we reported on the announcement of a Soul Calibur veteran who's returning to the game and who first appeared in the series in Soul Calibur III way back in 2005. That's right, Amy is joining the Soul Calibur VI roster as a DLC character and will be part of the game's season pass.

Following on from said announcement we've now had the chance to check out some screenshots of one of the series' leading ladies through the official Soul Calibur Twitter. A date for the character drop was not revealed, but until then we can still see her in action (and we've added the previously released trailer alongside the images).

Are you ready to kick some ass with Amy? Because she sure seems ready. Check the screenshots out down below.

Soul Calibur VISoul Calibur VI
Soul Calibur VISoul Calibur VI
Soul Calibur VISoul Calibur VI

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