New leak shows off Valorant's Agent 14

The new character might be called Yoru and looks to excel as a Duelist.

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A new leak has occurred showing a look to what we can expect coming out of the Valorant Episode Two update releasing soon. The upcoming update is expected to feature a new Agent, battle pass and skins, and this new leak seems to have delivered a glimpse at the new Agent.

The leak by Twitter user DonHaci, claims the new Agent to be called Yoru, and to fit the role of a Duelist. One of the character's abilities is expected to produce footsteps that can be sent off in direction to bait foes. This ability is also able to use teleporters and other interactable objects around maps.

Another ability will reflect that of Phoenix's flash, and will be a thrown grenade that is capable of detonating when it hits a surface. Yoru looks to also be able to cast portals on another ability. The portals are set to be capable of moving through teleporters as well.

As for the Ultimate ability, this will make Yoru invisible for a short duration, where Yoru is also invulnerable to damage for the abilities' length, however, it does seem like Yoru's footsteps will still be heard when moving while invisible in this case.

Considering all of this is leaked information, all or some of it might never make it into the live game. But, with Episode Two dropping on January 12, the immediate nature of these leaks does give it a little more body than usual.

To check out the footage of the leaked Agent 14, be sure to check the footage of the character right here.


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