Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

New Guitar Hero controllers

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Activision have revealed the new design for the Guitar Hero controller in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and the main new thing is how customisable it is. As an example you can see the controller pimped out with the pre-order only battle axe plastic pieces below, and the more standard equipped version to the right.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockGuitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

"Guitar Hero's success has been driven by the seamless integration of hardware and software; creating innovative and accessible gameplay in tandem with developing and manufacturing top-quality hardware peripherals," said David Haddad, Chief Operating Officer for Guitar Hero. "With the new rock-inspired Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock guitar controller, our hardware team has once again proven themselves to be a world-class leader in the category delivering an awesome, top-quality and rocktastic controller that will be the musical weapon of choice for all budding rock stars this fall."

Now, I hope there will be some kind of fluffy pink replaceable wings as well... you know, rock isn't all about slaying beast and that. It's also about love and pink fluffy stuff... Oh well.

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