Total War: Three Kingdoms

New campaign coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms in August

The Eight Princes Chapter Pack will bring new battles to Three Kingdoms-era China in just a few weeks.

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If you're looking for an excuse to dive back into Chinese history and once again explore Creative Assembly's most recent entry in its long-running strategy series, Total War: Three Kingdoms, then we may well have some news that'll interest you.

Set in the year 291 CE in a divided Jin Dynasty, some years after the beginning of the Three Kingdoms era, comes the Eight Princes Chapter Pack. It's a new standalone campaign (playable in both Records and Romance modes) that introduces eight new playable princes with their own unique special units and tasks players with waging war during this period of infighting.

You can check out a handful of screens and a new trailer below if you want a closer look at the upcoming content drop, which is scheduled to arrive on PC on August 8.

Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three KingdomsTotal War: Three KingdomsTotal War: Three KingdomsTotal War: Three Kingdoms

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