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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Natus Vincere win the 2020 BLAST Premier Global Finals

NA'VI will go home with $600,000 in prize money.

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One of the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive majors in the year 2021 has concluded, and it has seen Natus Vincere defeat Astralis at the BLAST Premier 2020 Global Finals. The full event that started on January 19 saw NA'VI make a run through the loser's bracket, all the way to the finals series where Astralis was waiting for them.

The finals match-up was actually quite one-sided with NA'VI looking pretty dominant, particularly in game two where they defeated Astralis 16-5. The series was over in a flash, with NA'VI knocking out Astralis in a quick 2-0 fashion, simultaneously winning the tournament and netting $600,000 in prize money.

This tournament has concluded the 2020 CS:GO calendar, with the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021 set to be the next point of focus for a lot of teams. That event starts next week on February 4, and can be checked out over here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Natus Vincere

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