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MultiVersus shows extremely good performance on PlayStation 5

The popular brawler seems to be setting the standard for fighting games on the current-gen console.

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The brawler, MultiVersus, has quickly become a hit. Although the game is still in Beta, it already has five million players and is currently the fourth largest game on Steam. With an average of over 70,000 players and a peak of 150,000 in its first week, MultiVersus beats both Apex Legends and Grand Theft Auto V and only the perennial top three games of Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive, Dota 2 and Lost Ark boasts more players.

There's a lot to love about MultiVersus. Whether it's the cool characters, the player-friendly approach to live service or the madness you really need in this kind of light-hearted title. But for those who really care about performance and want to flex their competitive muscles, you'll be happy to hear that MultiVersus leads on the technical side too, at least if you happen to be using a PlayStation 5.

Indeed, Nigel Woodall, a respected tester specialising in "input lag" has presented his results on his Twitter account, where in an impressively detailed study he has found that Sony's current-gen console has only 31.47 milliseconds of lag. But what does that really mean? In a nutshell, it means that the punch or kick comes faster than in any other fighting game, by at least two frames. It may not sound like much, and to most it's not a big deal, but it can mean everything to those who take their MultiVersus games bloody seriously. In an online game, these delays can mean the difference between the sweetness of victory and a bitter defeat. Comparing games like Mortal Kombat 11, Dead or Alive 6 and Street Fighter V, they have between four and six frames of more input lag on the same platform.

For Sony themselves, of course, these kinds of results are extremely important because professional gamers rely on fast response times, and since Sony is a co-owner of the EVO Championships, they ultimately want gamers to compete on their consoles.


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