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Champions Online

More MMOs heading for Facebook

Champions Online and Fallen Earth

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Thanks to our friends over at Massively, we've learned that it isn't just Runes of Magic that is making the step onto Facebook. Both Fallen Earth and Champions Online are doing the same. Fallen Earth is adding a game called Fallen Earth: Faction Wars is supposed to be released during the second quarter of 2010, with "one-click version of player-versus-player combat", crafting and conflict towns; activities also found in the actual MMO. The press release doesn't mention anything that would tie the Facebook game together with Fallen Earth itself though.

Champions Online is doing something similar, with a simple Mafia War-style game where you can create your own hero, battle crime, fight other players and customize your secret base. And you can broadcast it all to your friends through your news feed, which is a function I just know that all Facebook players love!

Champions Online
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