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Minecraft's The Wild update to be released on June 7

It'll add two new biomes and a bunch of new mobs.

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It's been six months now since Minecraft got its last update, but now there's a new one on the way. Version 1.19, or "The Wild" will be released for all current platforms and introduces two new areas, "The Deep Dark" and "The Mangrove Swamp", the former of which will be located underground. The only way to get there is to find a cave and start digging. As is often the case in hidden, inaccessible places far beneath the surface, it will be dark and quiet but there will be something to keep you alert despite the silence, a creature known as the "screamer."

"The Mangrove Swamp," on the other hand, is, just as it sounds, a swamp. A wetland filled with big trees and thick roots. These can provide a whole new type of building material. It is also possible to travel by boat, as the ground is not optimal for trudging around in. In total you get three new mobs, "The Warden", "The Allay" and "The Frog". The latter also comes in three different stages of development; frogspawn, tadpole and full-grown frog.

The Wild for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will be released on June 7 and will be available for download on the following consoles and mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. For computers, Minecraft: Java Edition is for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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