Street Fighter X Tekken

Mega Man, Pac-Man join SFXT

Exclusive fighters to Sony consoles.

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Not content with Cole from inFamous and its own Japanese mascot Toro, Sony has increased its roster for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken with two new inclusions for the PS3 and PS Vita versions.

First is a decidedly different take on Capcom's Mega Man; specifically a more realistic depiction of the character seen on classic artwork rather than the short-arse that appeared in Capcom's Vs series previously. Its definitely an interesting take on the character.

Also added to the line-up is Namco's Pac-Man, who's going down the Tron Bonne route and controlling Tekken's Mokujin though a control stick in the wooden doll's head.

That the additions are the same size as the other fighters mean that unlike the Vs series, the characters won't unbalance gameplay, and perhaps see more use in regular bouts.


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