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Media Molecule to end live support for Dreams in September

The developer will be turning its attention to a new project.

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Media Molecule's Dreams got a lot of attention when it was released back in 2020. It was a powerful tool to create games, and led to tons of creations to download and play. But it seems like it never took off commercially, despite getting positive reviews, and now Media Molecule writes on their blog that they are about to cancel their live support.

The studio will pull the plug on the game in September, and writes:

"We know this won't be an easy message for everyone to hear, and it's certainly not been an easy decision - Dreams has been a special project for Media Molecule and helping this burgeoning community of game developers, tinkerers, creatives, collaborators and dreamers grow and express themselves remains one of the best things we've ever done."

They also explain that they would have loved to continue improving on, and fleshing out Dreams, it simply was not financially sustainable in the end:

"Whilst we've always had the desire to build on the foundation of Dreams and expand the experience, when reviewing our plans we were not able to define a sustainable path."

You will still be able to play and create for Dreams even after September, but we shouldn't expect any new content or support from Media Molecule who are moving on to a new project, something they are "incredibly excited" about.

What are your best memories from Dreams?


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