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Media Molecule shows Little Big Planet level in Dreams

Sackboy has been around for a full decade.

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Sackboy and the Little Big Planet franchise are celebrating their 10th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, developer Media Molecule decided to show off the capabilities of their next game, Dreams. During a livestream, that you can watch on Media Molecule's official Twitch channel, the developer showed a LittleBigPlanet level built entirely in Dreams, including Sackboys and all. Perhaps this was what was misconstrued as being a new game announcement (see last week's rumour), but alas, it more goes to show how Dreams is the next evolution of Little Big Planet.

Dreams will be releasing exclusively on PlayStation 4, on a yet to be determined release date. Below you can watch, not the LBP level, but some other creations you can do in the world of Dreams.


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