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Media Molecule is looking for European testers for Dreams VR

Developer Media Molecule is looking for VR testers for Dreams and each tester is to get paid £200.

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In February 2020, Media Molecule's Dreams finally got a proper release on PS4. You can read our review of the game right here. Dreams is more of a tool to build your own games instead of being a traditional game but, of course, you can play games made by others as much as you want.

As reported by VGC, Media Molecule is looking for testers to bring Dreams to VR. The developer is only looking for European players, and those selected are getting paid £200. You can apply as a tester here. The idea is for you to report your experience with the game over a period of two weeks, and there are interviews to do as well.

The two most requested features of Dreams have been a VR support and the ability to make multiplayer online games, according to creative director Mark Healey.


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