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Media Molecule founder Alex Evans leaves the video game industry

The veteran has decided to make an exit from the industry after doing some soul searching during lockdown.

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A true veteran in the video game industry has decided to call it a day, after doing some soul searching during lockdown. We're talking about Alex Evans who was one of the co-founders of Media Molecule (Little Big Planet, Dreams). On Twitter, he posted:

"Hey! so a few months ago I did a bit of lockdown-inspired soul searching & decided to step down from 'dreams dev' to 'dreams fan' - take a break from gamedev, a career I've been lucky enough to enjoy since I was a spotty 15 year old

MM is a wonderful place, I can't imagine making games anywhere else; but I wondered what /else/ an old fart like me could do in this world? I've been in the gamedev bubble so long I'm not yet sure what's next, or even out there, for someone like me.

For anyone worrying about dreams - don't! what MM are doing on dreams atm is gonna *blow your minds* & though I'll miss them all, I'll be cheering from the sidelines! thanks to them for the first 13 wonderful years & here's to MM's next 13!"

It seems like Dreams won't be affected by this, and we wish Evans the best of luck with whatever happens next. We do hope though that we'll see him back in the lovely world of video games at some point in the future.


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