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Luminosity Gaming has made some changes to its Apex Legends roster

A new player has joined and a current member has been moved to the bench.

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Luminosity Gaming has announced a couple of changes to its Apex Legends team, in the form of a newly signed player, and the benching of a current member.

The exact changes will see Jacobo "NMEgo" Rios moving to the bench and being allowed to explore alternative signing options as we head toward the 2023 Apex Legends Global Series season.

And this move has been made to make way for Alexis "Jaguares" Martinez, who has been signed to the team and will be part of the starting roster heading into the 2023 ALGS season.

As for when we'll get to see this ALGS roster in action, the North American Split 1 starts on November 6.

Apex Legends

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