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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead - Crash Course

New campaign in September

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For those who feared the sequel would mean no more added content for the original Left 4 Dead it seems they were barking at the wrong tree as Valve prepares to release Crash Course on PC (free) and Xbox 360 (560 points) this September.

The story is set after the events in No Mercy, and the aim is to deliver a complete and streamlined versus experience in just 30 minutes.

"Since the release of Left 4 Dead last November, the design team has been excited about creating new experiences for this world and allowing players to do the same, by releasing much of our internal toolset, like the Survival Pack and Authoring Tools," said Gabe Newell. "We're working with the fans toward the ongoing entertainment value of the product."

Left 4 Dead

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