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Destiny 2

Latest This Week At Bungie details more balance changes coming in Destiny 2 Season 14

The Shader system will also be getting overhauled in the new season.

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Another week means another TWAB (This Week At Bungie), and this time around, the Destiny 2 developer has given us a hint at a few balance changes and a look at some new Iron Banner gear coming when Season 14 rolls around in a few weeks.

Headlining the changes is a tweak to 120 round-per-minute hand cannons, which will be seeing a hit to their range stats, to make them less powerful in PvP. A few perks are also seeing changes, including Quickdraw, which will no longer give the passive +100 handling buff and will be removed upon aiming down sights. Frenzy is also seeing a slight percentage damage nerf, and a similar change will also be coming to the Reservoir Burst perk. More changes to other perks and weapon types are expected to be unveiled in the future.

The Exotic weapons The Lament and Bastion are also seeing tweaks. The Lament is seeing a decrease in damage on heavy attacks, whereas Bastion is gaining the ability to stagger Unstoppable Champions.

The new weapons coming to Iron Banner in Season 14 were also unveiled, and while we don't have their names just yet, we will be able to grab a sniper rifle, machine gun, hand cannon, and a shotgun. Take a look at them below.

Destiny 2

Towards the end of the TWAB, Bungie did also note a few other things they have planned for the new season, including an overhauled Shader system to reflect the transmog system that will be coming to the game. Shaders will become a permanent unlock and will no longer occupy a Shader slot in the inventory, so make sure to dismantle each one you have before the end of Season 13.

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