Destiny 2

Join us for the Destiny 2 Showcase on today's GR Live

We're going to be watching and giving live reactions to what is being shown off.

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Today is a very big day for Bungie and Destiny 2 fans, as the Destiny 2 Showcase is taking place. This presentation will give fans the first look at both the next season coming to Destiny 2: Lightfall, but also a meaty glimpse into the Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion.

Said to be the final part of the Light and Darkness Saga that has spanned the last decade, this expansion will serve as the first truly major conclusion in the Destiny series. While we're expecting this to tell us more about The Witness and The Traveler, Bungie has kept information relating to the expansion close to the chest, meaning we'll just have to wait to see what it will offer up.

As for when the Destiny 2 Showcase will be held, Gamereactor Norway's Eirik will be going live at 16:45 BST / 17:45 CEST for a 15-minute-long pre-show, all before catching the full live show, and then ultimately concluding with a 30-minute-long post-show where he will recap all the events and reveals that took place. You can catch all of this action at the GR Live homepage.

What are you hoping to see in the Destiny 2 Showcase?

Destiny 2

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