Ghost of Tsushima

Is Ghost of Tsushima 2 already in development?

The studio is currently looking for a narrative writer for an unknown project.

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Sucker Punch launched its beautiful samurai game Ghost of Tsushima in July 2020, and you can read our review about the game right here. Recently, the game got a free multiplayer update called Legends.

We know, that the game has been a success. Now it seems, that a sequel is already in development. Or at least some new story-driven content for the first game. According to Sucker Punch's homepage, they are looking for a narrative writer.

"Our ideal candidate will have previous success as a game writer, outstanding dialogue skills, and an excellent understanding of how to tell impactful, character-driven stories within a AAA open-world game."

It is also valued, that the applicant has "knowledge of feudal Japanese history."

It seems that the success of Ghost of Tsushima will keep Sucker Punch busy for years to come.

Ghost of Tsushima

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