Invincible Season 2 news seems to be coming this week

All to mark 20 years of the comic book series.

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Amazon Prime's animated series Invincible ended up being really, really good when it debuted on the streamer, and it didn't take long before talk about a second season started to spiral. Since the confirmation of a second outing, everything went quite quiet but fortunately this seems to be changing very soon.

Because the show's Twitter account has perked up and announced that this week is likely going to be when we hear more about the show.

Following up to a post stating that the Invincible comic book series will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this week, the account added, "The S2 news may or may not be connected to this."

Invincible's actual anniversary is January 22, so perhaps it'll be Sunday when we get the trailer for the next season, and hopefully even a release date.


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