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Indie Megabooth to 'sunset' all operations indefinitely

Indie Megabooth, which has been a big part of various PAX events through the years, will 'sunset' all operations for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Indie Megabooth (IMB) has been one of the leading pioneers in the post-modern world of indie gaming. It's a showcase of creators and developers who travel all across the world to give 'thoughtful and atypical games exposure to new audiences'.

A statement on their website read: " Due to the circumstances around COVID-19 and the cancellation of many in-person events and the high level of uncertainty, we're planning to sunset IMB for the duration of the pandemic."

The popularity of indie, and independent games has risen over the past few years. IMB gives niche developers a stage to sell to their game, and that has helped this new strand of gaming emerge and subsequently thrive.

IMB concluded that they'll be staying active on their social media channels until business is as usual.

Indie Megabooth to 'sunset' all operations indefinitely
Indie Megabooth

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