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Ikaruga confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Treasure's colour-coded bullet hell arrives this month.

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As we reported last month, there have been rumours saying that classic shoot 'em up Ikaruga was getting ready for yet another re-release, this time for Switch. Now, this has been confirmed and to make things even better, it is actually launched this month so you will be able to enjoy it on your summer vacation.

Ikaruga for Switch is developed by Nicalis and is priced $14,99 in the US, which likely means the same amount in Euros and maybe a a couple of Sterling less in the UK. The game also supports vertical mode gaming so you will be able to use the full screen and avoid a ton of unused space on the sides which would normally be the case when playing Ikaruga on a TV.

Ikaruga is widely considered to be one of the finest shoot 'em ups ever made and has a brilliant concept and stylish graphics that still looks impressive. The announcement trailer for the Switch version can be found below.


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