Hyundai partners with Esports WRC Championship again

An i20 will be offered to the competition winner.

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WRC 6's publisher Bigben Interactive and Hyundai Motor Company have announced that the latter will be the main partner of the 2017 Esports WRC Championship, which will now be known as the Esports WRC powered by Hyundai.

As a result of the partnership, a premium Hyundai i20 will be offered to the winner of the competition. "In 2017, Hyundai Motorsport is competing with a spectacular new-generation World Rally Car," the press release reads. "The Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC, a 380HP version of the road car, can reach 60mph in less than 4 seconds. It is Hyundai's third new car in the headline World Rally Car category since returning to the Championship in 2014."

"After a first year of partnership, we are really excited to be part of the Esports WRC adventure for a new year," commented Scott Noh, Director of Hyundai Motor's Overseas Marketing Group. "The Esports WRC championship is the perfect way for people around the world to be part of the WRC family by competing in online rallies in parallel to the official ones. Last year the tournament gathered thousands of virtual drivers for a year of competition which ended with an amazing live event in Wales. With the new format this year, it's interesting to follow drivers from January to November and we can already see an intense battle on the podium which sounds exciting for the coming months."

The WRC has a new format this year, mirroring its real life counterpart, where players can earn points in each round before a finale with the eight best drivers fighting for the crown.

"We are very proud to partner and work with Hyundai for a second year in order to propose the best online experience to our players," adds Benoît Clerc, Head of Software at Bigben Interactive. "With their involvement in motorsports and especially in the WRC, Hyundai proves that innovation and performance are part of its DNA and it's essential for us to associate with such a leading and inspiring company."

For more information on the Esports WRC powered by Hyundai, check out the trailer down below or the <a href="http://www.esportswrc.com/>official website</a>. Will we see more motor companies partner with racing esports?

Photo: Kylotonn

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