Dark Souls: Remastered

Here's some exclusive Dark Souls: Remastered gameplay

We take on the Undead Burg and the Taurus Demon.

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Dark Souls is getting remastered this year, as PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One players will be able to dive into the adventure once more on May 25, and we recently got a chance to play the remaster at Bandai Namco's office in London on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Below you can see the section we were allowed to play through, which for those of you who know the game well includes the opening section and boss, Firelink Shrine, Undead Burg, and then the Taurus Demon, right before we meet Solaire and his praising of the sun.

Rather helpfully, we also received some specs for the game from Bandai Namco. In regards to resolution, for example, the original stood at 720p, but the PC, PS4, and Xbox One remaster will see this raised to 1080p, as well as the Switch when docked (when undocked it's 720p). On PS4 Pro and Xbox One X though it's upscaled 4K, while on PC this shifts to native 4K with 2K textures.

Frame-rate is a hot topic for many as well, and PC, PS4, and Xbox One players can expect 60 FPS, double the original 30 FPS we received. Switch users can still expect 30 FPS though, in both handheld and docked.

In terms of online players, the original could support between 1-4, but now the remaster can support 1-6 on all platforms. On top of this, all platforms also get all the DLC with the remaster too, which was sold separately with the original.

Which platform will be your choice though?

Dark Souls: Remastered

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