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Here are the winners of Dreams' second annual Impy Awards

The event wrapped up yesterday and dished out awards to over 20 winners.

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Yesterday, Media Molecule wrapped up the second annual Impy Awards, celebrating all the best creations taking place within their title Dreams. The show of which featured plenty of categories, including Best Character, Best Music, and even Creation of the Year has now concluded, and we have a shortlist of winners. The categories and the recipients of the awards are as follows.

  • Creator of the Year: Pixel Gorilla

  • Creation of the Year: Lock, by Pixel Gorilla

  • Best Art Direction: The Snowgardens, by HalfUp

  • Best Narrative: The Snowball, by Byvsen

  • Best Sculpture: Pumpkin Spice, by SootyPinions

  • Best Music: Grey Song a Day Album, by Sauceless One

  • Best Animation: The Snowball, by Byvsen

  • Best Gameplay: Press X to Puzzle, by Pixel Gorilla

  • Best Curator: LadyLexUK

  • Best Character: A very Plane Character, by icecreamcheese

  • Best Audio Design: Vineland, by ZIIQ

  • Funniest Creation: Push to Open, by ParsleyGuy Alex

  • Best Innovation: IMPCEPTION, by cgCody

  • Scare of the Year: Trauma, by NauticalSquatch

Then for the community categories:

  • Most Improved Dreamer: YLedbetter10

  • Community Star: KeldBjones

  • Best Voice Acting: SKINNYCHAD, in Shuffleboard

  • Hidden Gem Dream: Binary Bash, by danikaka

  • Hidden Gem Creator: Zypher755

  • Most Helpful Dreamer: TAPgiles

  • Favourite Streamer: KeldBjones

  • Favourite Video Creator: SakkusMind

  • Best VR Experience: Jungle Bill VR, by Nbeyeler

You can find links to every single creator / creation in the winners article on the Impy Awards page on the Media Molecule website. So, be sure to head over here if you want to check out some of these individuals and their work in further depth.


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