Counter-Strike 2

Guild Esports and Bad News Eagles divorce and will no longer partner over Counter-Strike 2 team

It's unclear what Guild's future in the competitive scene will now hold.

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Back in November last year, the David Beckham-backed, London-based esports organisation Guild Esports revealed that it was teaming up with Bad News Eagles to co-operate a Counter-Strike 2 team known as Guild Eagles. Following a few months of middling success, the two parties are now divorcing.

Guild and Bad News Eagles have decided to part ways, once again leaving the CS team in the hands of the latter. This decision does beg the question as to what the future holds for Guild in the world of CS, especially since the organisation has been signing rosters in a multitude of different areas as of late to prepare for the Esports World Cup.

Speaking about the split, Guild stated, "We're grateful to the team for their hard work in the Guild jersey and wish them all the best for the future."

Counter-Strike 2

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