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Destiny 2

Guardian Games to return to Destiny 2 on April 20

Heir Apparent is back, and a bunch of other new loot will be available.

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Bungie has finally given us an in-depth look at the next Guardian Games event coming to Destiny 2. Set to take place between April 20 and May 9, the event will see the exotic machine gun Heir Apparent return with a catalyst to make it even better, alongside several new lumps of loot for you to earn.

As was the case with last year's event, the three Guardian classes will be partaking in weekly competitions to determine who is the best class. Each week a winner will be determined with the winning class even getting a fancy gold glowing aura for the rest of that week. The winner of the 2021 Guardian Games will be determined during the closing ceremony set for May 7-9.

The loot on offer will include the aforementioned Heir Apparent machine gun and its catalyst, as well as an exotic Sparrow, a legendary class item (one for each class), two emblems, and a pair of shaders. Similarly, those who earn the exotic Sparrow will be eligible to purchase a unique track jacket from the Bungie Store, and those who participate in the closing ceremony will be able to order a limited pin to commemorate the winning class for this year from the Bungie Store as well.

Hopefully this year, we'll see a different class take home the title, as being a Hunter player myself, I can't stand the idea of seeing the Titans holding the trophy for another year.

Destiny 2

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