Guacamelee 2

Guacamelee 2 revealed for 2018 release

PlayStation revealed the sequel in paris.

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PlayStation has kicked off their pre-show at Paris Games Week with an announcement of a brand new game coming to the PS4 in 2018, and that is Guacamelee 2, the sequel to Drinkbox Studios' 2013 game of the same name.

Guacamelee will not only feature the same iconic art style as the first as well as the same action-packed combat, but there are also new features, such as the chicken shot, a new ability for the chicken in the game that allows you to break through walls as well as launch devastating attacks on your foes.

It's only announced for PS4 right now, but it's likely it's not an exclusive. Is this a sequel you're really excited for?

Guacamelee 2

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