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Gran Turismo 5

GT5 hit with "traffic congestion"

Online suffering due to high numbers

while not completely surprising, Sony's Gran Turismo 5 has been hit with what the company is calling "extreme online traffic congestion" in the opening days of release as petrol-heads take to the online racing tracks in droves.

Sony has stated as a temporary measure to disconnect your PlayStation 3 from the network via the Settings menu and play offline as it works to alleviate the current congestion. The company has taken further action in the meantime, as reported in its official statement:

"Some of the following features have been limited intentionally as a measure to temporarily alleviate some of the network traffic. Due to these limitations, you will find that:

The viewing and update of the [Log] in the Community section of GT Mode has been temporarily disabled.

Changes to the Profile may not update in some cases.

Changes to the Friend List may not update in some cases.

Currently we are simultaneously working on several different solutions to improve the network status and alleviate the network congestion as soon as possible. We are expecting to be able to provide a proper online service again soon."

Gran Turismo 5

There's no mention as to when Sony believe it'll iron out the problems. So while you wait to get back on the race course, why not read our review of the game and let us know your thoughts in the comments section afterwards.

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