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Gran Turismo 5

GT Academy contest in trouble

Round 2 cancelled because of exploit

GT Academy, the official Gran Turismo 5 contest where players compete for the chance to drive a real rally car, has run into some trouble - in fact, everyone that took part in the contest's second round automatically progress to the third. The reason is that exploiters cut corners and used walls to improve their lap times, something that shouldn't be possible.

Polyphony Digital are working on a fix, having postponed the date for third round (that was supposed to take place on February 14) until its done. "We send our sincere apologies to all participants of Round 2, for the repeated inconvenience and turmoil this may have caused," the company says in the statement linked above. "We are currently working hard to make the necessary adjustments to prepare a fair race environment for everyone, and ask for your patience until Round 3 of the competition is ready."

Gran Turismo 5

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