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GRTV: What's next for Planetside 2?

We caught up with the European product manager at Gamescom.

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What's going on in Planetside 2? We caught up with European product manager Peter Brolly at Gamescom from ProSiebenSat1 to find out what's next...


While does not work directly on the PS4 version of the game (handled by SOE in Europe) he did say something about how the versions will compare and how updates will roll out:

"This will be exactly the same game. The team has said that it will be like playing Planetside 2 PC version on ultra with no compromises. There will be nothing cut from the game in order to make it on console. The only difference will be a modified UI obviously to take advantage of the PS4 controller. The PS4 and PC players won't actually be able to play together. A lot of people think that's because "oh well, PC players will easily kick their asses with mouse and keyboard". The real reason is actually a little more mundane on PS4 there is this extra layer of QA that's required whenever an update comes in and if you're working on the same game then you can't have a desync there. Although that being said when an update comes on the PC version the same update will be on the PS4 just maybe with that little bit of delay."

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