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GRTV: Vlambeer on Luftrausers

Hundreds of planes each with their own soundtrack.

We caught up with Vlambeer's Rami Ismail at PAX East and learned more about the indie developer's 2D dogfighter Luftrausers.

"The controls are really based on a sense of falling, right. That sense of sort of gravity pulling you down. And we really liked the feel of that. We wanted to give people the ability to do stunts and do incredible things with the airplane, but a lot of recent games that have airplanes in them sort of puts those stunts on a button where you press this combination and then the airplane will do a looping."

Speaking of the controls in the PS3 and PS Vita versions:

"We're not actually using the analog sticks that much. The analog stick is used for moving left and right, the thruster is on the right trigger, and the shooting is on A. Logically or like sort of traditionally you'd say shooting would be on the trigger button, but in this game it's really about this sense of falling and turning back on your engine and back off and doing the looping and shooting things behind you. So the most important thing you do in the game is the engine. It's not shooting."

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